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Job Vacancy: Urgent Requirement

We have urgent opening for our Company Bajoria Infotech Solution at Direct Payroll Position: Back Office Executive Job Location: Kolkata, Chinar Park Education: - Graduate Experience: - 6 months to 3 yrs exp Salary: As per the Industry Standard. Requirement: He/She should have good knowledge of excel. Good Communication skill in Hindi and English. Job Responsibility: Conduct marketing research, document and report to the marketing department. Support sales staff in handling and documenting customer accounts. Perform competitor product analysis and prepare reports. Interview Date: 23rd to 28th January 2018. Time- 10.30 am to 5 pm Come along with Photocopy copy of all documents, 2 CV and One photograph. Venue: Bajoria Infotech 20, Chinar Park, Bajoria Tower Kolkata 700157. West Bengal Contact No. 9836972418 eMail-


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Discover The Wonders of SMS Marketing

The businesses all over the world have always been implementing various marketing strategies for gaining profits for their companies. The companies have well-determined plans for carrying out each of its marketing activities. The traditional marketing methods have definitely being used by many of the companies for several years. However, with the increase in more number of mobile users, the SMS marketing has seen a considerable importance in marketing.
Most of the people now have costly or simple mobiles with them. This has given opportunities for the businesses to leverage the advantages of this and explore their business. For SMS marketing, you just need a proper mobile number database and a proper mobile number list provider to implement the activity properly.
Here, we will discover some of the wonders of SMS marketing:

- Speedy communication:
The SMS marketing has been found to be a very speedy method of communication. In traditional different other marketing processes, the method of…

Can Bulk WhatsApp Marketing bring more sales?

The businesses are always trying to increase their sales by using various marketing techniques. Although many of the different traditional techniques are been used by the businesses in marketing, the WhatsApp marketing is the new technique used by many businesses. WhatsApp is a very nice tool well known for sending the messages to friends, relatives, and colleagues. This is a free App and has now turned out to be a very effective marketing tool for increasing the sales of the businesses and bringing more leads. Although WhatsApp was created just a few years before, however, the social trend it has created is remarkable. Now, it has made a considerable change in the marketing patterns of different businesses.
Reasons why the WhatsApp Marketing can bring more sales:
- Bulk WhatsApp sending message: In traditional marketing, your approach to the prospect was very limited. However, with the bulk WhatsApp message sending facility, you can send the messages to a large number of people. This si…

How To Get Email Lists To Start Email Marketing In Germany

All the companies give a very big preference for marketing, as it is the main
department which brings actual profits to the companies. Various things are done
by the marketing department to increase the sales and profits to the companies.
Email marketing is one such technique used by the marketing departments of
many of the companies. Email marketing has indeed proved out to be a very nice
technique to increase the sales and profits of the companies. The simple use of
email marketing is an easy way to get the result nicely.

Email marketing is very simple, you just need to search for proper b2b list
providers. This will enable you to carry the Email marketing activities properly.
Email marketing is really important to increase the sales as well as building the
brand awareness.

Let us see some of the benefits of bulk marketing:

- Cost Effective
Many of the traditional marketing activities like television commercials, billboards,pamphlets, direct marketing, etc. had a little more costing…