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How Bitcoin Help Me to Recover My Bad Debt

I am, Founder and CEO of Bajoria Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Based in Kolkata, India.

Here I am sharing an experience how BitCoin help me to recover my bad debt based on a true story.

My company Provide services in various online Service like SMS Marketing, Bulk WhatsApp Marketing, Web design, Digital Marketing etc.  My Company well reputed and client base is all over the world including UK, USA, Australia, Germany, UAE, Qatar and many more countries.
This Incident is about one of our client in the UK(Don’t want to revile the name). According to my company record, he was a good customer with respect to payment and behaviour. The client was taking WhatsApp Marketing Service and SMS Marketing service For UK.
Business with the gentleman was going well till now. But in the month April 2017 we came to know that He was sending some fraud message(related to gambling ) using our panel that is against the Government rule of maximum countries So do the United Kingdom. So we immediately consult with the Client and told him to stop sending gambling message which was against the Govt. Policy.
As we expected, the client straightly denied stopping.
Also, he stopped taking all the service from us, rather I say we stop giving services or stop helping him to do fraud in the UK. But the saddest part is he denied to pay the pending amount to our company. I was very upset at that time and I feel cheated.
There is Saying “Karma has no menu, you get served what you deserved”.
The best part of the story starts from here.
Before this April 2017, I didn’t know much about BitCoin so I didn’t think of investing in BitCoin. But this client of UK told us he will only pay in BitCoin. So forcefully(or you can say luckily)my company open a BitCoin account to do business with this gentleman. He uses to make payment only in BitCoin for all the services.
In the month of April, Our company has given service to this gentleman worth Approx 15000 USD. According to BitCoin Price at that time 15 BitCoin we could get from him. He only paid 7 BitCoin at that time. As the good business deal was going with him so around 8 BitCoin or the same amount was pending, Which he didn’t pay later.
So anybody can say its a huge loss. I have lost 8 BitCoin or 8000USD. In this situation, I would like to say I am a very positive person. I can see what I have gained is 7 BitCoin which I would not be aware of this gentleman was not there.
According to current Situation, I have given service of worth 15000 USD in the month of April and what I have gained is {7*10000USD(Current Price of BitCoin, 29th November 2017)=70000USD. And our total cost of the service we have provided was 15000USD.  So anybody can say I made 55000USD from the client.

So at the end of the story, I only want to say Karma has own way to do the thing right.

I want to say thanks to BitCoin to recover my bad debt.

Me, Signing Off. Stay Positive. Have a nice year, 2018 Ahead. You can also share your Story in the comment box.


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